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What is the ideation and design process like at Genuine Interiors?

The initial 'ideation' of Genuine Interiors involves brainstorming design solutions (verbal, sketched or written) before filtering out unworkable ideas and refining the workable ones until one or more main design concepts emerge.

Should I work with a designer if I am ready for a change?

If you don’t design for a living, having to narrow down selections of wallpaper, flooring selections or lighting can be overwhelming. Each decision you make will ultimately eliminate thousands of other options, so it’s important to make sure you are as informed as possible.

Designers can help you avoid selections that won’t serve you in the long run because they can see the bigger picture. They also know about specific products because it’s their job. They have either experienced or are well versed in both the strengths and the shortcomings of the many selections you will be choosing from.

Is an interior designer right for me?

If you’re doing construction or remodeling in addition to updating the aesthetics, working with an interior designer might be the best choice. An interior designer can help you with space planning, managing the construction process, finalizing finishes, and selecting furnishings and accessories.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us directly.

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